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Kittens on a Slide

Kittens that are living in my old playhouse are learning how to go down the slide. Momma Dove isn't happy about it. Added notes: The cat gave birth up there, I didn't put them up there. I blocked off the top of the slide, they got around it, I blocked it off better, and finally kept them safe. They got on the slide themselves and even after falling off when I wasn't there, they still kept getting back on. I did help the kitten at the end back up. I love my babies, so shut up about the animal abuse crap. I have disabled comments.

Kitten afraid of remote control mouse

Original! This is some cute footage from when Tink was a kitten :) He loved to play with his remote control mouse toy. Voting is now closed for "Kitty Whack-a-Mouse" and for "Tink and The Mouse." Tink placed 1st twice (in week 7 and week 10) of the Bissell Pet Games Video Contest! Thanks for voting! And thanks for the features YouTube and Yahoo! editors ;) Music: Kevin MacLeod ( Download the music here: Also titled: "Eek a Mouse!" and "Tink and The Mouse."

mama cat comes to rescue her little kitten

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kittens riding vacuum

kittens riding roomba

Husky \u0026 Kitten

A kitten play fights with a husky (Found it somewhere on the internet) Also if you are the owner of the video PM me with proof and I'll give you the credit

Crow adopts kitten

A friendship between a kitten and a crow who saved her life.